Issue 1, Volume 3 2015

Delphinium-Flower-Image-GraphicsFairyWelcome, spring! You’ve been a long time coming. And welcome, readers, to the latest issue of Circa!

We begin with a light-hearted, speculative-slash-alternative piece, “A Date with a Galaxy Bag,” which its author, P. N. Porcino, says began with a thought experiment: “What would a date in the age of smart phones look like a hundred years earlier?”

Then two compelling stories, Slip Jig by Katrina Carrasco and Cork by Lynne Weiss, contain powerful characters, heroic in their different ways, trying to prove themselves against society’s constraints.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take part in a duel, swapping pistols in some deserted park at dawn? Read Maureen Frost’s “On Margaret Island” and you’ll feel like you were there.

“Leopold in Love” by Nat Buchbinder is a tender portrait of one member of the infamous duo, Leopold and Loeb, in the period leading up to the horrific crime that would make them famous.

A fun piece of flash fiction, “The Vanishing Table” by Taylor Lea Hicks, follows with a peek into the mind of Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria. They called him mad for a reason, you know.

Then a romantic story to conclude our Spring issue, “Handkerchiefs and Holy Medals” by Marie Gethins. Set in France during the Great War, it is a touching portrayal of love and remembrance .

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed collecting them!


A Date with a Galaxy Bag by P. N. Porcino

Slip Jig by Katrina Carrasco

Cork by Lynne Weiss

On Margaret Island by Maureen Frost

Leopold in Love by Nat Buchbinder

The Vanishing Table by Taylor Lea Hicks

Handkerchiefs and Holy Medals by Marie Gethins