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Issue 1 Volume 2 Spring 2014

The latest issue of Circa is bursting at the seams with great stories. Some feature well-known figures, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini in “The Last Escape” by T. C. Phillips and Winston Churchill in “Last Orders for Churchill” by Phillip Donnelly.  Jack… Read More


By Katy Bowman Later, she would look back on that day and remember the carnage, the broken men with mangled bodies who staggered past and scared her half to death.   Later, she would remember how the boom of the cannons shook her body so hard… Read More

Black Market

By Annette Oppenlander Based on a true story Solingen, Germany 1946. Bending low against an icy wind, Günter hurried after his best friend Helmut. From afar both boys looked like scarecrows, jackets ill-fitting and patched together, pants ending above the ankles. Günter wore socks of… Read More


By Charlie Riccardelli “Bring out the Negro!” someone shouts from the crowd.  Echoes of agreement follow. “We want to hear about the Lindbergh Baby!” “Where’s the truck driver?” The carnival barker takes a drag on his smoke, a shot from his flask, listening to the… Read More

The Last Escape

By TC Phillips The spring of 1930 had been late in coming; for weeks bleak skies and cold winds had stubbornly refused to let winter’s chill pass.   Though as May drew to a close, and the promise of summer edged ever closer, the sun eventually… Read More