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Handkerchiefs and Holy Medals

by Marie Gethins Crash. After her breathing slowed, Seraphine strained to hear battle sounds, but the May night was still. She clutched the Jeanne d’Arc medal around her neck and whispered a blessing. Stepping out of bed, planks cooled her bare feet. She bit her… Read More

Issue 1, Volume 3 2015

Welcome, spring! You’ve been a long time coming. And welcome, readers, to the latest issue of Circa! We begin with a light-hearted, speculative-slash-alternative piece, “A Date with a Galaxy Bag,” which its author, P. N. Porcino, says began with a thought experiment: “What would a… Read More

The Vanishing Table

by Taylor Lea Hicks The Mad King Ludwig, as he was affectionately known to his subjects, preferred absolute isolation when he dined – that is, except for his closest friends: Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, and, of course, Madame de Pompadour. Or, as he called her,… Read More

Leopold in Love

by Nat Buchbinder Nathan kept his hands in his coat pockets. It was a cold night, even standing before the burning shack. It was a cold city, Chicago, in the winter of 1923. Richard couldn’t seem to keep his hands still, and in the dim… Read More

On Margaret Island

by Maureen Frost Margaret Island, Budapest, 1909. Bela grasped the pistol – an elegant English piece from 1880 (or so he’d been told), the handle overlaid with filigree, more like the top of an imported cigar box than an instrument of death.   He looked up… Read More