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Il Vento di Candela

by Elizabeth Copeland Gentle Reader, Our story opens in Venice in 1541 on the steps of the Basilica di San Marco. Paulo, a man once revered as the greatest musician of his day, is raving about the oppression of the people in his beloved republic.… Read More

The Henry Sessions

by Tammy Gilbert Maggie was a Tudor buff too. That’s how we met. She saw me reading David Starkey’s bio of Elizabeth I in the library and approached me. We ended up having coffee and sharing a chocolate chip muffin in the cafeteria, talking until… Read More

It Won’t Be For Long

By Jordan Legg “Are you ready?” “I am.” The opening of metal hinges echoed in Hugh’s ears, and he heard the sound of heavy footfalls in the passage outside. A set of keys jingled in someone’s hands. The old man gripped his crutch tightly and… Read More